Winter Rides

From October through to April, the Wedgewood Cycling Team heads south, to Richmond, where the rain tends to be a bit more forgiving than near the mountains. Of course, be prepared to battle the wind. we kick things off with more casual, easy rides for those recovering from summer racing or holidays. If you’re thinking of joining the team, this is a great place to start by getting to know some of the members. In fact, we strongly encourage new members to take part in these rides.


Start Time and Meeting Places

There is one official meeting place on the Westside. Check the team twitter feed for any last minute notices.

Westside: 8:30am at the Bean Around the World, 4456 West 10th Avenue
Iona: ~9:10am on Ferguson Road. Wait near Ferguson and Grauer or ride towards Iona until you meet up with the rest of the riders.

Fenders please! Please remember the key to a successful and happy winter ride is a good set of fenders with extenders. Riders without fenders will not be welcome in the group or may be permitted to ride at the back of the group, at the Directors’ discretion.

Winter Ride Weather Policy relating to potentially icy and dangerous conditions:
If the temperature is +1 or lower on Saturday morning at 8am, the official Club Ride will be cancelled. If you ride you will be doing so at your own risk. We encourage everyone to be safe.


Ride Route and Details

The Fall/Winter route through Richmond is intended to give everyone a fair chance to get a good workout, while staying safe as a group. Throughout the winter the rides get longer and faster as we prepare for the spring and summer race season. Each rider typically includes sections of higher intensity pace-line work to build fitness and form.

Wedgewood Richmond Ride – Winter 2014

8:30 am – Depart from the back of the Bean on West 10th (4456 West 10th) - Note we leave on time. If you are late, take a shortcut to meet the group.

Ride south on Sasamat St. to West 16th. Ride west on 16th to SW Marine Dr. (caution – the last 100m before the lights at SW Marine Dr. is notoriously icy).

Head left (east) on SW Marine Drive. We double up along the UBC Highway then single file onto SW Marine Dr. proper.

Turn right (south) just after Adera St. onto the Cypress bikeway. Merge onto SW Marine Dr. then onto the Arthur Laing Bridge.

Just after the Arthur Laing Bridge, take Russ Baker exit to the right. Follow the exit ramp around to Miller Road. Go right (west) on Miller Road about 1km. Turn right (north) on Templeton Street. Go through the lights at Grant McConachie Way and onto Ferguson Road (Iona).

9:10 am- IONA – The Iona road is about 6 km long. This is where pace lines will form. Safety note – there is a good shoulder but when you come to the yellow road barriers, both pace lines should keep to the left of them. Do not split the group. If you get tired, drop off and catch the group on the way back. Iona is a great place to meet the group if the Bean on 10th is not convenient for you. Be on Ferguson Road by 9:10 and you should be good.

Roll from Iona at 30kmh as a group. Roll Russ Baker Way into Richmond, turning right (west) on Westminster Highway, then left (south) on No. 1 Road.

At Williams Road the group splits. 35kmh+ group turns west for an extra loop, 30kmh group continues south on No. 1 Road. Both groups will Head east on Moncton St.

Turn right (south) on No. 2 and ride down to Dyke Road. Follow Dyke Road to No. 3, turn left (north). Go 1500m to Finn Road and turn right (east). Follow Finn Rd. to the No. 4; turn right (south) back down to Dyke Road. Follow Dyke Road along the river to its end at No. 5 where you turn left (north). Ride about 2km to Rice Mill Road and turn right (east).

Follow Rice Mill Road about 2 km over the highway and up to the rest stop. This is where we regroup. If you have flatted, this is where people will wait. Approximate time here is 10:15 am.

Ride north up to Steveston Hwy. Turn right (east) for two blocks then go left on Sidaway Rd. heading north. Sidaway ends at Westminster HWY. Turn right (east) and ride to No. 6 road. Turn north on No. 6 and ride all the way past Bridgeport Rd. to Vulcan Way. Go left (west) on Vulcan Way. Follow Vulcan way to No. 5. Turn right (north) on No. 5 then left (west) again on River Road. Follow River Road and River Drive west past Oak Street to Bridgeport.

Turn right (north) on Bridgeport Road onto the bridge – stay right, get on the sidewalk. Just after the Bridgeport Bridge you can veer right onto a path that cuts back to the Arthur Laing or you can stay on Bridgeport and head back out to Iona.

The normal winter ride will head straight back to Vancouver. Retrace your route over the Arthur Laing and back to SW Marine Dr. At SW Marine Dr. and the Cypress bike route we wait and regroup. At this point we make our way back to the BeanTo get back to the Bean we either ride up Camosun St., west on 16th, north on SW Marine Dr., then east on Chancellor Blvd. or, we follow SW Marine Dr. all the way around to Chancellor Blvd. Expect the group to split if the pace picks up. Normal arrival time at the Bean is 12:00.

If you are not going back to the Bean, let someone know so we won’t worry about you.

We have a cable lock at the back of the Bean, ask as member for the combination.