Team AutoLITT

In 2012 the Wedgewood Cycling Team, The Wedgewood Hotel & Spa, and Professional Cyclist Christian Meier, collectively known as Team AutoLITT, were pleased to partner with the BC Cancer Foundation to raise funds for advanced AutoLITT technology for brain cancer treatment at the BC Cancer Agency.


Team AutoLITTTraditionally, brain cancer therapies have been centered on three main treatment options: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. AutoLITT is a new therapeutic system offering the potential to improve current brain cancer therapies and reduce long term treatment side-effects.

Dr. Brian Toyota, head of BrainCare BC at the BC Cancer Agency, is trained to operate this new technology, which allows him to visualize the brain and eradicate tumour cells by manipulating a thin, heat emitting laser probe directly targeting the tumour. The technology is less invasive than traditional surgery as it prevents damage to neighbouring healthy tissue and reduces the procedure time by approximately half. As the first site in Canada to obtain and treat patients with AutoLITT, Dr. Toyota envisions the development of a teaching hub in Vancouver with the BC Cancer Agency and Vancouver General Hospital leading the way.

Read the full Press Release from the BC Cancer Foundation here.AutoLITT Cheque